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Hispanic-Serving Institution

At the College of Southern Idaho, inclusivity, equity, and access are at the heart of our educational mission. We are proud to announce our designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), a recognition that reflects our commitment to providing equitable access to higher education for all students, including those of Hispanic and Latino heritage.

What is a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)?

A Hispanic Serving Institution, or HSI, is a federal designation given to colleges and universities in the United States where Hispanic and Latino students make up a significant portion of the student population. This recognition is a testament to our college's dedication to fostering an environment that promotes the success and advancement of Hispanic and Latino students. To be designated as an HSI, an institution must have an undergraduate enrollment that is at least 25% Hispanic.

What Does HSI Status Mean for Our Students?

  1. Increased Access to Resources: As an HSI, we have access to federal funding and grants specifically aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for Hispanic and Latino students. This funding enables us to offer a wider range of support services, scholarships, and programs that can help students succeed in their academic journeys. In 2022, the College of Southern Idaho was awarded their first federal Title V grant to expand these resources. See what we plan to accomplish as we implement the goals of our Title V Grant.

  2. Culturally Inclusive Environment: We celebrate and embrace the rich cultural diversity of our student body. Our HSI status underscores our commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where all students can thrive and feel valued.

  3. Enhanced Academic Programs: HSI status encourages us to develop and expand academic programs and initiatives that address the unique needs and aspirations of Hispanic and Latino students. This includes curricula that incorporate diverse perspectives, as well as support services tailored to their academic and personal growth.

  4. Community Engagement: We actively engage with our local Hispanic and Latino communities, forging partnerships that foster educational opportunities, workforce development, and cultural exchange. We are dedicated to creating a college that serves as a bridge between our institution and the communities we are privileged to serve.

  5. Career Advancement: Our HSI status aligns with our commitment to helping students achieve their career goals. We work tirelessly to provide resources and guidance that prepare our graduates for success in a global workforce.

Join Us on the Journey

At the College of Southern Idaho, diversity is our strength, and we are proud to be an HSI. We invite all students, regardless of their background, to join our vibrant community where they can pursue their educational aspirations while benefiting from the many advantages that come with our Hispanic Serving Institution status.

If you are a Hispanic/Latino student seeking a supportive and inclusive educational environment or someone looking to learn and grow alongside a diverse group of peers, the College of Southern Idaho is here to help you achieve your goals.