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Students and instructors interacting in person and over computers

How to Find Online Courses


  1. From the main MyCSI dashboard, click “Add/Drop Courses”
  2. For security purposes, re-enter your CSI credentials
  3. From the Add/Drop course menu, click “More Search Options” near the bottom of the page
  4. Adjust search fields to meet your search criteria, and from the Method drop-down menu, select the course option you need:
Hybrid courses will have online components and required face-to-face meeting times, such as a class session or lab you need to come to campus to participate in at a given time.  
Online (Canvas) courses are online asynchronous, meaning they can be completed on your own time from any location using a web browser and Canvas - which is CSI’s learning management system.
Online Coordinated (Zoom): These courses are online synchronous, meaning there are class meeting times that must be attended in real-time but can be attended by Zoom video conference from anywhere.
Video Conference: This type of course is online synchronous, meaning there are established sessions when a class must be attended in real-time at a given location. You will need to come to a physical location, although it may be located at an off-campus center in Burley, Jerome, Gooding, or Hailey.


  1. Once you have identified which type of course you’d like to search, set remaining search criteria such as day and time and click “Search”.

Course Codes

You can learn a lot about CSI courses by understanding how course codes work. Each course code has important indicators defining course parameters. Each course is designated by a subject or prefix, number, and section.  For example, English 101 is a common general education course taken by many students.  One section of the course will look like this when you are registering:

ENGL  101A C01W

The important pieces of information contained in this course code are:

ENGL - The prefix tells you this class is in the English department

101 - This number indicates the level of the class

A - This refers to the course type.  "A" means the session is "Assisted", meaning there is a corequisite lab required.

C - Course location is listed before the section number

01 - This is the section of the course

W - Indicates the instructional type.  "W" means a web-based course, for example.

As an online learner, instructional type and location are important to pay attention to.  For example:

  • Location Codes, which are listed before the Section Number, note where the course will be taught:
    • B Blaine County Center (Hailey)
    • C Twin Falls Campus
    • J Jerome Center
    • M Mini-Cassia Center (Burley)
    • N Gooding Center
    • T Twin Falls Off-Campus
  • Section Type, which is listed after the Section Number, will define the method or type of instruction:
    • A Hybrid (Both online and in-person course components are required)
    • W Web (Online – Canvas LMS) - The course is offered completely online through Canvas, without a required meeting time or location.
    • M Online Coordinated (Zoom) - The instructor will teach the course entirely via Zoom on a given day and time, and there will not be an option to gather face-to-face.
    • V Video Conferencing - The instructor will teach the course from a classroom on the CS! campus, and students will be able to choose whether they participate in-person or via Zoom.

If you’d like to know more, in this instructional video a student will help you better understand course codes at CSI.