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Radiologic Technology Program


Dr. Gary Lauer

(208) 732-6719

Program Overview

Occupational Description: Registered Technologists (RTs) in Radiography (R) produce diagnostic quality radiographs of parts of the human body for use by physicians in diagnosing their patient’s health care problem. RTs follow physician orders precisely using a variety of imaging equipment and they conform to regulations concerning the use of radiation in the protection of their patients, themselves, and coworkers.

Career Objective: This is an intensive five semester (22 months) program that prepares graduates to pass the national certification examination in radiography conducted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Upon passing this exam, graduates become eligible for entry level employment in diagnostic imaging departments of hospitals and clinics as Registered Technologists in Radiography.

To promote success on the certification/licensure examination(s), all Required Courses must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Admission Requirements

We select 12 students each year after the  June 1st application deadline to begin their studies in the Fall semester.  Our student capacity is based on the availability of space at associated clinical affiliates. Since more students apply each year than can be accepted into the program the following objective student selection process is utilized:

  1. Application Packet Points
  2. Point Check List Calculation Form
  3. CSI Radiologic Technology Program Technical Training Standards
  4. Interview
  5. After Official Admission into the Program
  1. Application Packet Points

    Your job is to collect the following information in the assembly of an application packet with tabs attached to all documentation in the exact order given below. Please submit the assembled application packet in person or via snail-mail to the Program Director before the application deadline of June 1st. You are strongly advised to meet with the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator in April or May for assurances that you have created an acceptable application packet and for clarification of any concerns you may have about the competitive program admission process. Failure to construct an application packet according to the guidelines below may result in a loss of points.

    Your application packet should be assembled in a simple binder (of your choice) containing the following materials in the following order and "easily" accessible via tabs:

    1. Letter of Intent. Please explain on one page in an officially formatted letter why you want to become an RT and attend the CSI RT Program. Address your "Letter of Intent" to the Program Director.
    2. One page resume
    3. Radiologic Technology Program Application Form.
    4. Point Check List & Calculation Form. (Show clear and concise calculation of all the points you are claiming on this form followed by subsequent documentation. Make sure you highlight with a marker all courses on your transcripts that you are claiming points for on this form and letters of reference and health care work experience.)
      • Please do not send official transcripts to the program director, but do send official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar. However, to verify your points, we will need copies of your transcripts as part of your application packet - see below.
      • Official transcripts need to be processed by the Office of the Registrar prior to the application deadline. This process may take three to four weeks.
    5. High School or GED Transcripts (Highlight GPA and verification of diploma awarded. If you have a GED, you'll receive a 2.0 GPA).
    6. Associate Degree Transcripts (highlight GPA and verification of degree awarded, if any).
    7. Baccalaureate Degree Transcripts (Highlight GPA and verification of degree awarded - if any).
    8. Current CNA or EMT-B credential (or other health care profession credential like LPN, RN, OT, PT, etc.). NOTE: All students are required to either be currently credentialed as a Certificated Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) -- prior to enrollment into RADT Clinical Education I. Certification or licensure in a health-related field such as MEDICAL ASSISTANT, LPN, RN, SURG TECH, DENTAL ASSISTANT, DENTAL HYGIENE, etc. may substitute for the CNA or EMT-B requirement.
    9. Veteran of US Armed Forces (include a copy of your DD-214).
    10. Documented Health Care Experience (A letter from a former employer indicating start and end times. Only experience beyond one year qualifies.)
    11. Two Letters of Reference (Please do not use family or friends.)
    12. Non Acceptance Letter (if you applied last year and were not selected).
  2. Point Check List

    To win one of 24 interview spots, you must have the highest point value possible. Please download a copy of the current co-requisite and other point calculation form here: Point Check List & Calculation Form. This form is "self advising". Please take notice off the courses you must take and "other" options that are available for you to increase your over-all point value.

  3. CSI Radiologic Technology Technical Training Standards

    All students officially accepted into the CSI Radiologic Technology Program must meet the following Technical Training Standards.

  4. interview

    If you are one of the 24 top point-getters, then you'll be invited for an interview around the second week in June. Please treat this like a serious job interview. You will be interviewed by professionals in the field of radiologic technology.

  5. After Official Admission into the Program

    All students officially selected into the program are required to provide proof of: (1) Health insurance, (2) Physical health exam, (3) CPR - Health Care Provider, (4) background check*, (5) immunizations, (6) TB test, (7) drug screen.

Sample Career Opportunities

  • Radiologic Technologists

*Talk to an advisor for additional career choices


Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology

20 North Wacker Drive

Suite 2850

Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182

Telephone: (312)-704-5300