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Outdoor Challenge Course

The outdoor course is nestled in a park-like setting adjacent to the main campus, and is the largest pole ropes course west of the Mississippi. Built to accommodate groups from 10 to 300 in size, the course offers low elements from 12 feet to close to the ground, and high elements up to 50 feet. Each program hosted on the outdoor course is designed to approach learning in an extraordinary setting, building a foundation for transference of new skills, language, strategies, and knowledge into the workplace and daily living. Through the utilization of games, initiatives, and elements that are both physically and intellectually challenging, an enhanced awareness and/or constructive behavior change can result.

The course consists of:

21 high elements
13 low elements
100+ games, portables and initiatives


Who can benefIt from a Challenge Course Experience?

Businesses and Corporations
School Programs
Community Organizations
Religious Groups
Athletic Teams
Families & Friends

Outdoor Challenge FAQs

Q1. How much time will a program require?
Program time is based upon the group dynamics, the group size, and what goals the group would like to achieve. Each program can be tailored to almost any time schedule. Outdoor challenge courses typically last between 2 and 6 hours, with an average time of four hours.

Q2. How do we get there?
The CSI outdoor challenge course is located on Frontier Road in Frontier Park, behind the CSI Childcare Center and between the CSI Expo Center and the CSI Baseball Field.

Q3. Where should we park?
For the outdoor challenge course please do not park in front of the actual course. Bus pick up and drop off here is fine but the main parking area is in the gravel lot by the Expo Park.

Q4. What should we bring?
Water and a water bottle.
Signed Waiver/Liability Forms.
An open mind and positive attitude!

Q5. What should we wear?
Long, loose fitting pants are recommended (shorts are ok but not ideal).
Shirts that go below your waist (harnesses will fit more comfortable with a longer shirt).
Active Footwear (no sandals or open toes).
Rain/Wind jacket depending on weather.
No dangling jewelry.

Q6. What facilities or amenities are available?
With our outdoor challenge course water and restrooms are readily available. There are numerous picnic tables and a barbeque area where groups can have lunch. The student recreation center also has restrooms and water as well as a place for students to eat.

Q7. What sort of things will our group learn?
We can custom design any program to meet the specific goals or needs for your group. Areas of focus include developing leadership skills, building trust within the group, developing more effective communication skills, problem solving, conflict resolution and team building overall.

Q8. Is it dangerous?
Our staff is highly qualified and has gone through extensive training focused on facilitation, leadership, and keeping participants safe on the course. All of our equipment is inspected on a regular basis and kept up to date. All systems are double and triple checked as well as backed up to prevent any accidents.

Q9. Does everyone have to climb?
Our program is developed around the philosophy “Challenge by Choice”. Our staff is trained to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone but you will decide how far you would like to be challenged.

You won’t regret trying but you may regret not trying.” - Jesse Curtis

Q10. How much does it cost?
Contact us for current prices.

Q11. What is your cancellation policy?
Challenge courses will run come rain or shine. However, if a course has to be canceled due to extreme weather conditions (snow, lightening, high winds or other unsafe conditions) then your account will show credit until we can reschedule. If weather conditions are unsafe and you would still like to participate in a challenge course that day, then we can facilitate an indoor course and refund you the difference.

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