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College of Southern Idaho Weapons Policy Approved By CSI Board: June 16, 2014


An environment of safety and security is critical for educational institutions to cultivate a climate conducive to knowledge and learning. Therefore, this policy prohibits the possession and use of dangerous weapons on CSI property or at CSI sponsored events by students, faculty, staff, and visitors except for those persons authorized by state law or campus administration to carry concealed firearms and ammunition. In order to provide a safe and positive campus environment for teaching, learning, and working, this policy strongly discourages bringing a firearm onto the CSI campus or events even when permitted by law to do so.


  1. Dangerous Weapon: An object, device, instrument, material, or substance that is used for or is readily capable of causing death or serious bodily injury. This term does not include a pocketknife with a blade of less than 2 inches in length. Firearms are included in this category as are incendiary devices and explosives.
  2. Firearm: A dangerous weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.
  3. Concealed Firearm: A firearm that is carried upon one's person so as not to be readily discernible by ordinary observation.
  4. Upon One's Person: The physical carrying of a firearm in clothing or handbag as well as having the weapon in close proximity, readily available for prompt use.
  5. Open Carry: Carrying a firearm upon your person or in your vehicle when it is clearly visible.


1. Open carrying of firearms (including in vehicles) is prohibited at all times anywhere on CSI property or CSI sponsored events except for sworn peace officers or others who have been approved by campus administration.

 2. The possession, wearing, carrying, transporting, or use of a dangerous weapon is strictly prohibited on college-owned or controlled premises, including vehicles parked upon these premises. The only exceptions to this policy are the following categories of individuals who have been authorized by state law or college administration to carry a concealed firearm on CSI property/events.

  1. Full-time sworn peace officers
  2. Qualified retired law enforcement officers
  3. Persons who hold an "Enhanced" Idaho Concealed Weapons License
  4. Those individuals who have been granted specific permission from CSI administration

3. It is unlawful and a violation of this policy to carry a concealed firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

4. Concealed weapons shall not be carried into or possessed within the following CSI facilities:

  1. Eagle Hall dormitory
  2. Gymnasium
  3. Fine Arts Building
  4. Expo Center
  5. CSI Off-Campus Centers (Blaine County, Mini-Cassia, and Northside)

5. An individual who discharges or purposely exhibits any firearm in a rude, angry, or threatening manner is in violation of this policy.

6. Students, staff, faculty, and visitors shall produce their credentials to carry a concealed firearm(under one of the categories above in Item #2) when requested to do so by a representative of the CSI Security Department or law enforcement personnel.

7. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion for student offenses, termination for employee offenses, and trespass from campus for offending community members. Criminal violations will be referred to local law enforcement.

8. Unless an employee of the college is required by the CSI President or Vice President of Administration to carry a firearm as a part of that employee's job duties, any possession or use of a firearm is not within the course and scope of employment with the college. Therefore, any civil or criminal litigation stemming from such possession or use will not be covered or defended by the college.


Idaho Code Title 18, Chapter 33
Title 18 U.S. Code, Sections 921, 926 and 930
Idaho State Board of Education Policy