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Campus Testing Center Policies

  • Students must show a CSI student ID when taking a CSI class exam. A current valid photo ID with full name and picture can be shown for other exams.
  • Students must know their course information (instructor's name, course number, exam name or number) to receive an exam.
  • NO books, papers, food, drinks, etc., allowed in the testing area. Leave them on the bookshelf or lock in a locker.
  • NO coats, jackets, hats or caps (baseball caps, beanies, cowboy hats, etc.) are permitted in the testing area. Hang them in the reception area or lock in a locker.
  • Turn off all electronic paging devices or cell phones and place them in a locker or store with your belongings in the reception area.
  • NO purses, large wallets, laptops, etc. allowed in the testing area. Lock them in a locker. Small wallets must remain in your pocket.
  • NO children allowed in the testing room.
  • Scratch paper provided and must be returned with the test. No materials used during the test may be removed from the Testing Center.
  • You must sit in the testing area or another area designated by the proctor. Moving from this area without permission could be construed as an attempt to cheat.
  • Separate yourself from any student who may be taking the same test.
  • NO talking in the testing area.
  • Plan ahead! Allow enough time to complete a test. Interrupting a test will invalidate it. When closing hours are reached, all tests will be picked up and considered completed.
  • The test and all accompanying materials must be returned to the check-in desk when complete.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. Those found or suspected of cheating will be asked to immediately hand in tests, the course instructor will be notified, and the test may not be retaken without written permission of the instructor.
  • NO tests will be given out within one hour of closing time.
  • Calculators with keyboards are not allowed in the testing center.

Services are available for VUE, CLEP, and CSI instructor testing. All CSI Testing Centers are willing to proctor closed-book, no note, no reference material exams from other colleges or universities for a nominal administration fee of $20 per exam. The private Industry may also utilize proctoring services at CSI testing centers for a $25 administration fee.