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Non-Traditional Educator Preparation Program (NTEPP)

Faculty Contact

All teaching candidates need to contact Jill for information and admission.

Jill Carpenter
Evaluation and Research Program Assistant


CSI’s Non-traditional Educator Preparation Program (NTEPP) is unique in that it is designed as a residency model for new teachers’ of record that are supported with flexible coursework, a personal mentor, and validated performance assessments that are drawn from the candidate’s actual teaching experience. Unlike traditional preparation programs, we strive to individualize each learning plan, accounting for the strengths each teacher-candidate brings.

We utilize nationally recognized best practices throughout our instructional modules and performance assessments that are aligned with Idaho State Standards and the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters. The Framework Clusters have been designed by Danielson to focus educators on groupings of the Framework components that better facilitate professional growth across the four Framework Domains and twenty-two Components (the current foundation of Idaho’s teacher evaluation process). These modules can be accessed at any time, and from anywhere in the state. Most important, however, is our preparation program’s emphasis on hands-on training and individualized, consistent support for our candidates provided by a highly skilled mentor.

The goal of CSI’s teacher preparation program is to address Idaho’s current teacher shortage by ensuring more flexible and robust training options to support emergency hires throughout Idaho school districts, but also expanding our program to fulfill our vision of partnering with districts to proactively create and fill local teacher pipelines.

Apply For The CSI-NTEP Program

Initial Certification Program

Teaching Certification Modules
  • Module 1- Classroom Management and the Learning Environment
  • Module 2- Clarity of Instructional Purpose and Accuracy of Content
  • Module 3- Professionalism Module
  • Module 4- Intellectual Engagement and Application of Content Module
  • Module 5- Successful Learning by All Students

Candidates must complete each of the five modules and pass the culminating Performance Assessment Task (PAT) with a Basic or Better score. Modules are offered each semester, with the Professionalism Module completed in a shortened session over the summer. All coursework can be completed remotely. Each candidate is assigned a mentor to support them throughout the program, and modules offered during the Fall and Spring semesters include CSI Mentor support. ($1,000 tuition per module. Grant assistance available.)

Competency Track Option

The Competency Track Option (CTO) is available to well-qualified candidates who have completed or nearly completed a traditional educator preparation program (EPP), but who do not hold a current, valid Idaho Standard Instructional Certificate. CTO candidates will be required to serve as a teacher of record (teaching at least five hours per week in the content area for which they are seeking certification) while completing the following requirements:

  1. First Module/Semester- Complete the standard, full cohort, Classroom Management and Learning Environment (CMLE) module, pass the culminating CMLE Performance Assessment Task (PAT) with a “proficient” rating or better, and receive the recommendations of their CSI Instructor, CSI Mentor, and Building Administrator. Includes CSI Mentor support. ($1,100)
  2. Second Module/Semester- Enroll in CTO module. Candidate will have access to remaining four (4) PATs and PAT related tasks/assignments. Candidates must submit all four remaining PATs in one CTO module/semester. Includes up to 25 hours of CSI Mentor support, minimal to no instructor oversight. ($1,600)

Teacher to New-Endorsement Only Option

Our Teacher to New (TtN) option is available to any Idaho certified teacher seeking to add a new endorsement area to their existing certificate and requires the following:

  •  An Initial Content Area Qualifier: Degree in the exact content area, pre-passage of the Praxis test(s), or qualifying points on the USECC Rubric
  • One TtN module/semester* ($1,500) (online asynchronous)
  • One semester of CSI mentoring support
  • One year of successful teaching in the new content area, as evidenced by annual performance evaluation, demonstrating student growth, with IPLP goals
  • One year of teaching assignment in the content area under the three-year Interim certificate
  • Successful passage of the requisite Praxis test(s) and ICLC, MTI/TMT, etc when applicable.

*Additional modules may be required per individual candidate need

Employment Opportunities

In April 2018, the State Board of Education approved the College of Southern Idaho to offer a unique teacher preparation program, designed specifically to make a contribution to the teacher shortages plaguing the schools in our community. In the state’s 2018 Teacher Pipeline Report, it was reported that Region 4 has the highest percentage of teachers working without full certification; specifically, at least one out of every ten teachers is practicing without full certification. This is a fact that could have a long-term, negative impact on our region. Multiple studies have shown that teacher quality is the most critical factor in a child’s education, and while an ineffective teacher can put students at an academic disadvantage and affect their progress for years, a student with a highly effective teacher can have positive long term academic gains. Our teacher preparation program is striving to address this issue in all Idaho school district regions by providing a highly innovative, practical approach to supporting and preparing the many teachers in our community who are teaching while working toward full certification. As a service to our Region 4 district partners, we ask potential candidates who want to teach (but are not already in a school setting) if we can share their contact information with HR directors. Because most Region 4 districts are familiar with and supportive of our program, it is not uncommon that people from this list are asked to interview when certificated applicants cannot be found. In some cases, potential candidates have seamlessly transitioned into full-time teachers of record through a three-way partnership between CSI the candidate, and the school district.

Estimated Costs

  •  Initial Certification Program (five modules)
    • Each module is $1,000.00
    • Additional Costs- requisite Praxis Test(s) and appropriate Idaho assessments required for certification (ex. Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment)
  • Competency Track Option
    • Each CTO module is $1,500.00
    • Additional Costs- requisite Praxis Test(s) and appropriate Idaho assessments required for certification (ex. Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course, Teaching Mathematical Thinking, etc.)
  • Teacher to New Options
    • The one Teacher to New module is $1,500.00
    • Additional Costs- requisite Praxis Test(s) and appropriate Idaho assessments required for certification (ex. Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment)

Each module (including the cost of the mentor and the scoring of performance assessments) is $1,000. (Total cost to the candidate for five modules is $5,000 over two years.) The cost for certified teachers to add an additional endorsement takes only one semester, at the cost of $1,500.  CSI has a payment program that candidates can take advantage of, and many districts are utilizing Title II funds to help defray a candidate’s expenses.

Special Requirements

In order to begin taking modules, a candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree, teach in an observable classroom environment and actively teach lessons in the content area in which they are seeking certification. Therefore, to successfully complete module requirements, candidates must be employed as a teacher of record.

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