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General Education Department

General Education at CSI

In combination with a student’s major, General Education competencies prepare students to use multiple strategies in an integrative manner, to explore, critically analyze, and creatively address real-world issues and challenges.

Coursework provides graduates with an understanding of self, the physical world, the development and functioning of human society, and its cultural and artistic endeavors, as well as an understanding of the methodologies, value systems, and thought processes employed in human inquiries. General Education helps instill students with the personal and civic responsibilities of good citizenship. General Education prepares graduates as adaptive, life-long learners.

All general education courses meet the requirements for GEM designation in the state of Idaho along with the principles outlined in Idaho State Board of Education Policy III N.

At the end of the College of Southern Idaho Program of General Education a student will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Think - use multiple approaches and terminologies to discuss, analyze, solve, interpret and create in disciplines.
  • Communicate - transfer information using strategies appropriate to context and audience.
  • Connect - explain how the different ways of knowing are interconnected; judge the appropriateness of using one or more ways of knowing to solve a problem or explore an issue; reflect on one’s progress as a generally-educated learner.
  • Be well - explain the concept of wellness and apply dimensions of wellness.


Instructional Outcomes Assessment

What students learn at the College of Southern Idaho is central to subsequent educational, career, and personal success. It’s key to life satisfaction, to economic competitiveness and productivity, and to building healthy and civically engaged communities. We take this responsibility very seriously and believe that the stakes have never been higher in terms of making sure CSI graduates acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success in all they do.

Explore how CSI's assessment initiatives ensure the quality of your education.

Students Ask: Why take GNED 101?

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