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Licensure and Certification

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

See the full CSI licensure disclosure statement

This program's curriculum meets the requirements necessary to obtain professional licensure to work in the State of Idaho. If students intend to seek professional licensure and work in a different state or territory, they should use the list below to determine if CSI's curriculum will meet licensure requirements in the locale of interest. If it is undetermined that CSI's curriculum will meet licensure requirements in another location, CSI recommends contacting the licensing agency listed to determine if CSI's curriculum will meet requirements before beginning a CSI program.

College of Southern Idaho State Licensure and Certification Information for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program

US State List for Licensure transfer
State Status Date Last Reviewed State Agency Link
Alabama Meets 7/1/2020 Alabama Board of Physical Therapy
Alaska Meets 7/1/2020 State Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Board
Arizona Meets 7/1/2020 Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy
Arkansas Meets 7/1/2020 Arkansas State Board of Physical Therapy
California Meets 7/1/2020 Physical Therapy Board of California
Colorado Meets 7/1/2020 Colorado State Physical Therapy Board
Connecticut Meets 7/1/2020 Office of Practitioner Licensing and Certification
Delaware Meets 7/1/2020 Division of Professional Regulation
District of Columbia Undetermined 7/1/2020 District of Columbia Board of Physical Therapy
Florida Meets 7/1/2020 MQA/Board of Physical Therapy
Georgia Meets 7/1/2020 Georgia Board of Physical Therapy
Hawaii Meets 7/1/2020 Hawaii Board of Physical Therapy
Idaho Meets 7/1/2020 Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses
Illinois Meets 7/1/2020 Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Indiana Meets 7/1/2020 Indiana Physical Therapy Committee
Iowa Meets 7/1/2020 Iowa Department of Public Health
Kansas Meets 7/1/2020 Kansas State Board of Healing Arts
Kentucky Meets 7/1/2020 Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy
Louisiana Meets 7/1/2020 Louisiana Physical Therapy Board
Maine Meets 7/1/2020 Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
Maryland Meets 7/1/2020 Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
Massachusetts Meets 7/1/2020 Massachusetts Board of Allied Health Professional
Michigan Meets 7/1/2020 Michigan Board of Physical Therapy
Minnesota Meets 7/1/2020 Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy
Mississippi Meets 7/1/2020 Mississippi State Board of PT
Missouri Meets 7/1/2020 Missouri Advisory Commission for Professional PTs and PTAs
Montana Meets 7/1/2020 Montana Board of Physical Therapy
Nebraska Meets 7/1/2020 Nebraska Board of Physical Therapy
Nevada Meets 7/1/2020 Nevada Physical Therapy Board
New Hampshire Meets 7/1/2020 Physical Therapy Governing Board of New Hampshire
New Jersey Meets 7/1/2020 New Jersey State Board of PT Examiners
New Mexico Meets 7/1/2020 New Mexico Physical Therapy Board
New York Meets 7/1/2020 New York Physical Therapy, Podiatry & Ophthalmic Dispensing
North Carolina Meets 7/1/2020 North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy
North Dakota Meets 7/1/2020 North Dakota Board of Physical Therapy
Ohio Meets 7/1/2020 Ohio Occupational Therapy, PT & Athletic Trainers Board
Oklahoma Meets 7/1/2020 Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision
Oregon Meets 7/1/2020 Oregon Physical Therapist Licensing Board
Pennsylvania Meets 7/1/2020 Pennsylvania State Board of Physical Therapy
Puerto Rico Undetermined 7/1/2020 Puerto Rico Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals
Rhode Island Meets 7/1/2020 Rhode Island Department of Health
South Carolina Meets 7/1/2020 South Carolina Board of Physical Therapy
South Dakota Meets 7/1/2020 South Dakota State Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners
Tennessee Meets 7/1/2020 Tennessee Board of Physical Therapy
Texas Meets 7/1/2020 Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
Utah Meets 7/1/2020 Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Vermont Meets 7/1/2020 Vermont Physical Therapy Advisors
Virgin Islands Undetermined 7/1/2020 Virgin Islands Board of PT Examiners
Virginia Meets 7/1/2020 Virginia Board of Physical Therapy
Washington Meets 7/1/2020 Washington Board of Physical Therapy
West Virginia Meets 7/1/2020 West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin Meets 7/1/2020 Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services Physical Therapy Examining Board
Wyoming Meets 7/1/2020 Wyoming Board of Physical Therapy