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Student Welding

Admission Steps

  1. Apply to CSI and become a Golden Eagle:

    Fill out the free online form to Apply to CSI, then watch your email for your acceptance letter and instructions to get set up as a new student. 

  2. Prepare to apply to the Welding Technology program:

    Watch the linked video for an overview of the application process.

  3. Take a Written Welding Test:

    Those interested in applying to the CSI Welding Program will need to complete a written welding and construction competency test.

    Below is a list of information you should study to prepare for the exam.

    Written Welding Test Overview:

    • Find the circumference and area of a circle
    • Find the perimeter and area of a rectangle
    • Know how to read a tape measure
    • There will be a section on listening to a direction & instructions to complete a drawing (The Testing Center will have a set of the necessary equipment to complete this portion of the test.)

    Contact the CSI Campus Testing Center to find your nearest testing center and its current hours. For the Jerome Center only, applicants must make an appointment to take this test. Please take a photo ID with you. The test typically takes two hours to complete, please plan accordingly. 

    ***DO NOT wait until the last minute. Only one or two applicants can test at the same time***

  4. Prepare for Additional Required Expenses:

    Budget now so that you are ready to purchase the additional materials listed in the Post-acceptance Steps section below

  5. Fill out your application:

    Complete the online form to apply to the Welding Technology program

    Apply to the Welding Technology program

Post-Acceptance Steps

  1. Required Additional Expenses:

    Upon acceptance to the program a list of required books, tools, and safety equipment will be provided.

    • Books: $350
    • Tools and Safety Equipment: $600 - $1500 dependent on quality and brand

    DO NOT purchase any of these items until you are officially accepted to the program!