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Manage Your Class Registration

As a student, you are allowed to make certain changes to your course schedule after the semester starts. The information below will help explain which action might be appropriate for your situation and which options are available to you in accordance with the published deadlines in the current Official CSI Catalog.

Adding and Dropping Classes

We encourage you to have your class schedule finalized before classes begin.

Adding or dropping classes can be completed several ways:

  • The fastest option is to add or drop classes online using the MyCSI Self Service link inside MyCSI.
  • Or, you can submit a completed Course Registration form (PDF) to Enrollment Services.
  • Or, you can email ( from your CSI email account. Be sure to include your name, ID number, class and section, and the term.

The open registration period closes at noon on Wednesday of the first week of the semester. Refer to the current year Academic Catalog for exact dates.

You can drop classes any time during the first week of the semester without penalty and receive a full refund of tuition and fees. A dropped course is not reflected on the student's transcript. Your finanical aid will be adjusted automatically.

If a student is on Academic Probation, they must meet with their Student Success Advisor to update their academic plan. 

Auditing a Class

If you decide you do not want to receive credit for a class you are taking, you have the option to audit. There are three different ways to request a switch to audit, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you:

The deadline to change to/from audit is 5 p.m. Friday of the first week of the class.

Withdraw from Classes

The withdrawal period begins immediately after the drop period ends and lasts through 75% of the course (please refer to the CSI academic calendar for specific dates). Withdrawal means the student attempted the course but did not complete any credit. The grade of “W” will appear on the student’s transcript but will not affect the student’s GPA. Students are responsible for all tuition and fees associated to withdrawn courses and will not receive a refund. Withdrawing from classes after the full refund period may have negative consequences related to the standards of satisfactory progress.

Withdraws must be completed by visiting Eagle Central and meeting with an Enrollment Specialists or by emailing Students are unable to withdraw from their classes on their MyCSI account.

Completely Withdrawing from the Semester

If you decide after the first week of classes to withdraw from all your classes, you will need to submit a Course Withdraw form (PDF) to Enrollment Services located in the Taylor Building at Eagle Central, or email the request to Enrollment Specialists will review the request and provide pertinent information regarding a complete withdraw.

In accordance with federal financial aid regulations (CFR 668.22), if you drop, completely withdraw, or fail to earn a passing grade in any or all classes you attempt in any term, you may be required to repay some of the financial aid you received to CSI, the U.S. Department of Education, or both. If you are required to repay, you will receive an email and a letter notification stating your options once you complete the official withdrawal process.

Please carefully read any correspondence you receive in reference to a complete withdrawal. CSI is required to report overpayments of federal grants to the U.S. Department of Education’s collection unit if the student does not make repayment arrangements.


Drop and withdraw deadlines for non-standard courses may be different than regular courses. Specific dates can be found on the student’s schedule in their MyCSI account.

A class drop, withdrawal, or administrative withdrawal may affect your ability to receive financial aid in the future at any college or university. Be sure to communicate with your Student Success Advisor or Enrollment Specialist to discuss any impacts to your financial aid eligibility.

Active Military Duty

Students who are called to active military duty should reach out to the Office of Veteran’s Affairs for assistance with the withdrawal process and their transition from the college and their return upon completion and military leave.

Course Waitlists Explained

The Waitlist feature allows students to add themselves to the waitlist for courses that are full in MyCSI when registering. This tool is designed to give students a chance to communicate with us their desire to register into a course that is full. Waitlisting is unavailable for courses with a corequisite and not all classes can be waitlisted.

How does Waitlisting work?

Students are added to the waitlist on a "first come first serve" basis. Being on the waitlist DOES NOT mean that students are registered in the course and it DOES NOT guarantee a spot will become available.

As spots open, The Office of the Registrar will place students from the waitlist into courses (based on the students’ position on the waitlist.) Please check your schedule regularly for updates.

The number of courses/credits on the waitlist do NOT count towards the student’s full-time/ part-time status or financial aid eligibility.

Once moved from the waitlist into a course, students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees and meeting all applicable deadlines.

The day before the semester begins, students remaining on a waitlist will be removed.


  • If students waitlist themselves in more than one section of the same course, once they are placed/registered into any of those waitlisted sections, they will be dropped from the remaining waitlists.

  • When students are registered in one section and they waitlist themselves in another section of the same course, if a spot opens up in the waitlisted section and they are first on the waitlist, they will be dropped from the other section in which they initially enrolled. Basically, when students are registered into a section and end up waitlisting another section, the assumption will be that the waitlisted section is the preferred section.

Enrollment Appeal

Students, if you want to change your schedule after the deadline, you will need to fill out an Enrollment Appeal Form (PDF).

Independent Study

Please talk to your Advisor before you fill out the Application for Independent Study (PDF).

Grade Appeals

All students at the College of Southern Idaho have the right to appeal a final course grade they feel is in error. In the event a student would like to appeal, they may seek advice and support as appropriate through the Office of Student Affairs or proceed on their own, starting with the Final Grade Appeal Process (PDF).